What does globalization look like? 

22.05.2009, Friday, 18:00 - 18:50

The presentation and talk will explore the notion of urban visuality in the era of globalization. Though in fact some analysts claim that a process of de-globalization has actually started in recent months, the urban interface of cities all over the world displays similar features of how global processes in economy and ways of life are being configured for local consumption - visual and otherwise. Based on some of my works from the last 3-5 years, such as "Billboard Heaven" (2006-2009), "Don't mess with my Tutu!" (2008-2009), "Double Take(s) - interfacing cities" (2006-2009), and "At night all squares are Red: Moscow - a brave new world", (2007) among others, the talk will make a notional case for the visual melt-down of borders on the level of urban environments.   



Luchezar Boyadjiev is an artist living and working in Sofia, Bulgaria (born 1957). Among his recent exhibitions are: "Liquid Frontiers", Europe XXL / Lille 3000, Tri Postal, Lille, France; "Bad Times / Good Times", Futura - Center for Contemporary Art, Prague in 2009. Some exhibitions in 2008 were: "Art, Price and Value" in Palazzo Strozzi, Florence, Italy; "Wonder", the 2nd Biennial in Singapore; "The Jerusalem Show" with Al-Ma'mal Foundation, the Old City of Jerusalem; "Eurasia" in MART, Rovereto, Italy; "Lucky Number Seven", the 7th SITE Biennial, in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the USA. His 2007 exhibitions are: the 3rd Prague Biennial, Prague, the Czech Republic; "Attitude 2007", in CAMK, Kumamoto, Japan; "Footnotes: On Geopolitics, Markets and Amnesia", the 2nd Biennial, Moscow, Russia; and "5 Views to Mecca (and other scapes)", Feinkost Gallery, Berlin (solo).